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Birds, beach, bush and beyond


Two days out of Christchurch and 70 species of birds later I was tired and happy.

A Black stilt was a highlight with only around 100 left in the world! Not the best picture, bad light and taken with phone via spotting scope! We had only landed for 30 minutes and saw this beauty along with some black fronted terns.

Black stilt

Onwards to Kaikoura and a pelagic tour with Albatross Encounter the nest day! My tummy doesn’t love the ocean so much but my heart and soul loves being at sea. A sealegs tablet and a couple of hours later we had seen 7 species of albatross and many more interesting birds!


A quick trip to Arthurs pass and rifleman, kea, tomtit and even a crested grebe rounded out a great couple of days!


New Zealand is a great country to bird in, great varied habitats, interesting birds and not too much travel! Give us a shout of you’d like to explore with us!

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