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About Us

Who are we?

Foris is owned and operated by Tom and Rachel Lynch.

Tom is a born-and-bred Rotorua local who grew up fishing, tramping, mountain biking, rafting and taking photos – he has a degree in resource management and geography and is a trained secondary school teacher and a nationally regarded conservation educator.

Rachel is a corporate communications and public relations advisor and runs the management and marketing of Foris Eco-tours, while also managing two little Lynchs.

Tom and Rachel

Man Mountain

Nah – this is Karl Young, our senior guide. Karl is one of New Zealand’s most experienced guides. 30 years of outdoor life counts for a lot. Charming, funny and cool under pressure​ Karl will look after your needs and “keep everyone’s dignity intact”.

Man Mountain

Environmental policy

We love our corner of the planet and take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Using the minimum of resources, making the least possible impact on the environment and recycling wherever possible are what we do every day. We have a no-rubbish policy on our trips and take sustainability into account in every business decision we make.